Tammy Johnston and The Financial Guides are very knowledgeable in leading individuals to reach higher levels of financial planning. Her guidance is strong with very sound, proven advice. I was introduced to Tammy through another business associate, who spoke very highly of Tammy and her offerings. Tammy’s advice and leadership has not only been instrumental to my personal finance, but has also aided in my business development as well.

Ed Kreutz, President
We Do Good Work Inc.


“My husband and I took Tammy’s Financial Journeys class together. We had a moderate amount of financial literacy so we were not expecting many surprises. Boy, were we in for a shock! Tammy fixed our insurance woes and saved us a lot of grief. We left Tammy’s Financial Journey’s class more informed than we ever thought possible.”

Erica and James Fernandez
Evocative Photography

I came to Tammy a few years ago for personal financial issues. In 2007, I became self employed, then I decided that I wanted to grow. I took SMALL BUSINESS CLASS in 2008 and that was the awakening of my real business. In that weekend she changed the name of my company and gave me the best tag line ever:

The Marriage Savers

Call Us! We’re cheaper than divorce!

Since that day everybody who sees my ad, starts laughing and asking questions. I receive far more calls now. I really appreciate her continuous help and advice. SHE is the best!

Gloria Juarez
The Marriage Savers Cleaning Services

“There are business owners that pile money into their wallets and their business runs smoothly. There are business owners that simply don’t have the life they want. We all know them. The difference has always been street smarts. No text book can ever replace that. When I attended Tammy’s Small Business class, that is exactly what I received. She cut to the chase of what to do and how to do it, and matched it to her experience. Since then, I have methodically placed myself to shovel money into my accounts and all my ducks are lined up! Thanks Tammy.”

Tom Barthel
Street Smart Counselling

I can vouch for this class. Most important thing I ever learned after 25 years in business was that I was self-employed, not a business owner. Tammy showed me, in general terms, what I needed to do to build processes and structure so that I would have a real business that could run without me. Tammy’s style is unconventional, but interesting and informative. Definitely a recommend!

Markham Hislop, Editor/Publisher