Frequently Asked Questions

We are registered to sell life insurance and accident and sickness insurance. We can help you with all of your investment and insurance needs including: segregated funds, life insurance, critical illness protection, disability insurance, health and dental benefits, long term care protection, and travel insurance.

We currently do business with Empire Life, Manulife, Industrial Alliance, Canada Life, Equitable Life, Desjardins, TransAmerica, Wawanesa, The Edge, Benefits by Design, Puhl Employee Benefits, BMO Life, TuGo, Canada Protection Plan, and DHC Administrators for Insurance Products. We also work with Legal Shield.

We are paid on a commission basis. Our clients do not pay for our services directly, instead we are paid by the companies we place business with. Because our compensation is generally the same regardless of which company we work with, we can choose the best option for our clients, based on their needs. When dealing with investment funds, there are different types of sales charges, also called ‘loads’. We typically use the deferred sales charge ‘load’, in which the clients are only charged a fee if they redeem the funds within a certain time frame. The longer the funds are held, the lower the redemption fees, until eventually there are no fees. For short term investments we use Money Market Funds on a FE Load 0% basis.

We also get paid renewal fees on our insurance business, and trailer fees on our investment business. The trailer commission is part of the MER that clients pay on all investment funds.

Our network is made up of many different professionals. We work with General Insurance Agencies, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Estate Lawyers, Tax Lawyers, Small Business Lawyers, Real Estate Lawyers, Stock Brokers, and Business Consultants. If we are unable to directly provide for your specific needs, we have an expert that we can either work with or refer to you to make sure that you are taken care of in the best possible manner.

We do not get paid for the referrals we provide. This is just a value added service to make sure that our clients are fully and properly looked after by competent and caring professionals.

The three most important aspects in this relationship are honesty, education, and service. We will be honest with you about your current plan and all the positive and negative aspects within it. In return, we require your honesty with us regarding your current situation, potential changes in the future, and your goals. Without this open communication, we cannot do an effective job for you. We also believe very strongly in educating our clients about their options so that they can make informed choices. Finally, service is a cornerstone to our business. We will do our absolute best to provide you with the level and type of service that you desire and deserve.

We contact our clients at least once a year, depending on how often you wish to meet with us. Communication forms we use include personal appointments, phone calls, email, and regular mail. Should you have a preference, we are happy to oblige. If you have a change in your situation, need to adjust your plan, or have a question, you can contact us whenever you feel the need. Should something come up that we think may benefit or alter your situation, we will be in touch with you.

We attend numerous seminars and workshops, take upgrading courses, and read various industry related newsletters, articles, and books to stay on top of developments within our industry. We are also required to obtain a minimum amount of continuing education credits in order to maintain our insurance licenses.


The Financial Guides look like real people, talk like real people, and are real people. We look at the whole picture, not just the small part we might get paid on, to make sure your plan is balanced, complete, and right for you.

We are committed to educating and empowering our clients to make their own informed decisions. We do not ‘hard sell’ or ‘pressure close’, rather we provide the pros and cons of various options that meet your needs and let you decide.

These qualities along with many others make us the first and only choice for our clients.

Please contact me if you have any questions