These books are fantastic! Everything is clearly laid out, logical, easy to understand. The artwork is engaging and beautiful, helping kids to stay interested and able relate to the text.

These clever books don’t just cover financial information and choices. There is also discussion about lifestyle choices that include health, the environment, how our emotions can affect our decisions, and much more. The last book is especially good with lots of reassurances and encouragement about ‘staying the course’.

I wish I’d seen these when I was growing up; what a difference they would have made… These books should be in every classroom and every home. They’re not just for kids. I know plenty of adults who could use them, too. I wish the other sets were already published. I’m looking forward to reading them as soon as they are available.

Liberty Forrest


I showed a friend the books and she loved them. I will pass on the link. Ryan (my son) will learn great lessons from these books. What a great way to help parents teach their kids (and themselves) about finances. I used to work in a bank and it was amazing to me how many people had no idea about their $$$. Thank you for doing this for society. We need help hehe

Erin Ryan


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