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I am a dancer, choreographer, instructor and an event planner based in Calgary. I am also the Founder and Director of Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre which is an African performance company founded in 2006. The name Woezo Africa means “welcome to the land of perfection”, the company strives to preserve the purity of the cultural values and principles of Africa by providing quality entertainment and education to our community by increased community involvement with youth, improve community relations and promote a better understanding and appreciation of the African culture and its contributions to today’s society.

African art has been the focus of my career. I have taught, performed, choreographed and facilitated African performances, as well as engaged with dozens of individuals and organizations to bring African art forms to audiences across Alberta, as well as internationally. I have always sought new avenues and opportunities to bring African culture to the public, with the aim of increasing the visibility of and appreciation for the history and uniqueness of the continent. With so many Africans currently living outside of their homeland, it is crucial to the strength of the global community to be reminded of the richness of African art forms. It is equally important to the vitality of African culture in the modern era to see the ways in which various traditional art forms can grow and be reimagined in the hands of African immersed in other cultures around the world.
KIDS: 2 Girls ages 7 & 12

Bonnie Earl spent 35 years in the public education system as a teacher, counselor and principal inspiring positive change. After the death of her husband, she felt compelled to combine her vast speaking, teaching and coaching experience to help female entrepreneurs develop their personal presence so that they can have the impact they want and make good money doing what they love.

KIDS: 2 adult Girls, grandson age 9, granddaughter age 7

After the Community Channel, Shaw TV, shut down in the summer, this left a void for Calgary Communities to spread the message of their events.

Knowing the tight budgets of these groups, I built a zero-cost site…a community billboard if you will.

The visitor of the site can view events specific to their community and add events.

The viewership over the past 3 months has been growing steadily.

On average, over 1,000 visits per month.

Toughest challenge is to get the word out.

KIDS: 2 Boys ages 16 & 17

Living an intentional life with purpose and passion has always been a personal priority for the smart, savvy and stunning, Wunmi Akinlosotu, accredited leadership expert, and founder of the innovative and inspiring “sisterhood”, Blooming Ladies.

To “bloom” is to flourish, to thrive; to come to be in full beauty, power or health. That is exactly what Wunmi wants for her members, for all women, to experience in their business, personal and spiritual lives. It was this divine calling that motivated her to create an inclusive, supportive community of insight, opportunity and possibility where women, no longer alone on their journey, could feel free to discover their talents, their passions, to bring to life their own dreams and be the best that they can be.

Wunmi’s own educational and career path has spanned the globe, taking her from Africa, to Europe, the Middle East and, now, into North America. Along the way, she attained her degree in management and accounting, and a Master’s in Business Administration, subsequently adding certifications in professional coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to her vast repertoire of viable skills.

Certainly, she is well poised to realize her own vision of mentoring women of all ages, acting as a catalyst for their enlightenment and empowerment, and expanding her revolutionary and revitalizing Blooming Ladies to be the premier women’s group internationally.

Look out, World! Thanks to Wunmi Akinlosotu, there is now a formidable movement of modern women motivated to be their best self, and they are a united force that cannot be ignored.

KIDS: 2 Girls ages 10 & 12 and a Boy age 3

Wendy Terriff, a Growth Catalyst known as your Wealth Whisperer, is a late bloomer entrepreneur who works with soulful, passion driven, high achieving entrepreneurs, especially women from 40 to 70 who have a taste for adventure and are tired of being overwhelmed, overworked and wondering if this is all there is.

She helps them shatter that super frustrating money ceiling that’s been hemming them in – without losing their soul. And in the process they step into their fuller, richer feminine energy as they create personal and professional lives of fun, freedom and wealth. She draws on 30 years as an educator as well as three decades of personal growth workshops and trainings and her highly intuitive nature to help her clients clear away the blocks that have been holding them back from creating the joyfully wealthy life they desire.
KIDS: 2 adult sons

I was at Scotiabank for 8+ years, where I learned my love for finance and mortgages. I was convinced to take the plunge and get my mortgage brokers license in 2007. It has been a rewarding career choice for the past 10 years as it gives me the freedom to have a work /life balance as well as doing something I am truly passionate about. Helping people realize their homeownership potential is so incredibly satisfying, and the referrals are truly a blessing! I have one family specifically that started with doing the Mom’s mortgage, who then referred me her daughter, who then gave her sister my info and now on to helping their other sister. It is amazing!!

KIDS: Girl age 7 and 3 Boys ages 6, 4 & 19 months

Lani Donaldson is the president of Engaged Educators, a company whose mission is to:  Enhance human potential by increasing one’s ability to learn.

As a master educator, Lani is one of the top educational skills and motivational speakers in her field and one of those rare trainers capable of combining personal growth with educational development.

Lani not only heads up the fastest, most effective reading program on the planet but also has a deep knowledge of the brain’s ability to access and process information. This expertise led to Engaged Educators developing the “Unlock Your Potential” study skills program.  The first of its kind, a program developed around the five skill areas an individual needs, to master in order to become a successful learner – in anything – is quickly becoming a high demand product.

Other programs, seminars and workshops offered:

Unlock Your Potential:  Anyone Can Master the Art of Excellence

It’s Never Too Late to Start – Thinking

The Power and the Passion – Putting Your Heart and Head in the Same Sector

Navigating the School System – A workshop for parents

Responsibility, Reality, and the Rhino (Business Lessons from Africa) – A keynote & workshop for women small business
KIDS: 3 Adult Daughters

As one of the most accomplished Top Line Turnaround experts in North America, Alice Wheaton has been helping leaders create highly successful sales forces for over two decades. But that’s not what she set out to be…

Growing up in a small, rural fishing village in Northern Newfoundland gave Alice the resourcefulness and determination that are hallmarks of those driven to succeed. Her composure in crisis situations, a love of challenge, and a strong desire to practically support others led to her first career as an emergency room nurse. It was there that she met a patient who suggested that she apply to Xerox to begin a career in sales…

At the time, Alice had barely heard of Xerox. She had no corporate experience, had never sold a product or service, and had never worked with technology or office equipment. She wasted no time taking steps that led to her being hired in Toronto at Xerox, despite her lack of sales experience or business expertise. Her ability to see on behalf herself astounded her future sales manager, and the rest as they say, was history!

In her first full year of selling, she was 198% of plan and 232% in her second year. That major life change and success in her sales career eventually led to forming her own company and becoming a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and business consultant. She has authored several books translated into seven languages. Her work has taken her around the world from Scandinavia to South East Asia, to North America, and Central America.

With her Masters Degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction, Alice has developed and delivered numerous highly effective sales programs to thousands of companies and individuals throughout North America.
KIDS: Adult Son

Deanna has been married to Dan for 23 years and a proud mother of her 2 children Victor 8 and Yvonne 7. She is also an active parent in the school through volunteering and Parent Council.

Deanna is the Owner of Bringing Beauty To You and Bringing Beauty To You Boutique.  With many years of doing Direct Selling gave her the knowledge and confidence to start her own company.  She has taken from her personal experience that women love jewellery and cannot always find the jewellery to express themselves; she came up with High Tops to High Heels – Jewellery for your Life.

Bringing Beauty To You Boutique‘s jewellery spans from comic book/Sci-Fi to high end jewellery.  BB2U has an online store and can also be seen at Comic Expo’s, Horror Expo’s and many more.

Bringing Beauty To You also provides help with makeup and clothing consults to get you back out there. Find your style and keep the budget low.  Deanna wanted to do this after having her children she lost a sense of being women and needed help.  She did research and got her groove back.  She knows it is hard to find where Mom / Wife end and where you begin.  We offer to help you get there.

Bringing Beauty To You Boutique

KIDS: Girl- 7, Boy- 8

Shannon Svingen-Jones is a thought leader in creating a media landscape where every “body” deserves to be represented, regardless of their size. As a sought-after speaker and writer, she lends her expertise to media professionals and brands who are open to a new paradigm of body positivity. In 2015, Svingen-Jones founded FabUplus Magazine; a revolutionary body positive, health fitness and lifestyle magazine with weight neutral content dedicated to the plus-size community; and has since worked with hundreds of women to help them make peace with their bodies.

Shannon works alongside many brands collaborating with advertising agencies, brand consultants, and the body positive community to expand our societal message to be more inclusive. Svingen-Jones’ work has been featured in People, Elle Magazine, Upworthy, Yahoo, and Cosmopolitan.  Each issue of FabUplus challenges society to explore a more size diverse media culture and helps women to realize that they can live their best life now in the bodies that they have right now, not 10 pounds from now. Shannon’s contribution to changing the way we view size diversity in media was recognized by Media Industry News as one of the “Hottest Magazine Launches” of 2016 saluting her excellent in producing a ground-breaking media landscape for the everyday women.

Svingen-Jones believes that all bodies are good bodies and should be represented in main stream media, not just one body shape or size which has traditionally been the case.

As the body-positive revolution continues to gain momentum, you will find Shannon at the helm championing acceptance for every “body” through FabUplus Magazine.
KIDS: Girl- 15, Boy- 10