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Made by Momma is a 100% volunteer-run, donation-driven, grassroots non-profit organization and registered Canadian charity located in Calgary. We were founded in February 2010, based on the belief that women helping women is one of the best and strongest support systems that has ever existed. We began as a small group of women with big ideas to help make the lives of struggling moms in our community a little bit easier and those big ideas have now grown into a large network of over 500 volunteers.

Being a mother to infants and young children can be stressful and exhausting. Add post-partum depression, physical illness, multiple births, or a family tragedy into the equation and the result can be devastating.

Our mission is to provide wholesome nourishment and nurturing care to mothers and young children experiencing situations of adversity or times of crisis.  Our practical peer-to-peer support includes providing healthy prepared freezer meals, wholesome homemade baked goods, baby essentials, children’s items, supportive in-home visitors and other services to allow mothers the time they need to rest, recover and focus on their families and their health.

KIDS:  Girl age 20, 3 Boys ages 27, 7 & 5

Fun for Dogs provides Calgary dogs with off leash socialization and exercise in a safe and natural environment.  The dogs are picked up at home and transported to the park where they get to “just be dogs” for 75 minutes.  After the fun, they are loaded up and returned home and put back in their safe place.

Fun for Dogs has been operating in Calgary since January 2007 and we are looking forward to another awesome 10 years.

KIDS:  Daughter age 25, Stepdaughter age 29, Stepson age 33 & Grandson age 1


 Brigitte is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary and has spent most of her life supporting and empowering women. Over the years, she has owned multiple women-empowering businesses.

 Right now, Brigitte owns SPORTSBRAS.CA where she truly can “support and uplift” women and of course; Women Talk; a place where women can support each other, while feeling empowered to safely stand up and share their amazing stories!

 Brigitte is also Certified Sacred Gifts Guide- and is now writing an Anthology: “When Women Talk ~ Empowering Each Other One Story At A Time”.

KIDS:  Girl age 10, Boy age 7

Lisa: Corrosion/Integrity Specialist (for pipelines/facilities) with a strong Project Management focus, graduate of the American Brewers Guild – Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering Program.

Mark: Geophysicist (working in Oil and Gas), certified in cabinet making, Tig and Mig welding, and graduate of the American Brewers Guild – Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering Program.

BEFORE we home brewed beer for the first time, we had already begun with hours of research on the topic (we are information junkies), practice brewed with family brewers and built our own Brew Station for holding all of our brewing tools so that when our brew day came, we would be ready. Little did we know that brewing was going to become something we couldn’t get enough of. BREWING BECAME OUR DATE NIGHT, our daily discussions and has since been a major focus in our world.

We have always enjoyed our adventures but this one has taken the cake. Creating beer and the custom beer gear to go with it has been more fun than we could have imagined. Now, thanks to our clients gently pushing us, we are expanding into our biggest adventure yet – building our Microbrewery!

KIDS:  2 Boys ages 20 & 14, 2 Girls ages 13 & 11

Originally being born in Calgary at the Foothills Hospital is something Robyn Moser takes great pride in. From there, she was raised by a single mother in many different areas and parts of Calgary. At the age of 15 she was compelled to move out on her own and struggle to complete her high school education while working multiple jobs and finding herself at times with nowhere to call home.

  Once she hit 18 she was able to start finding stability and worked many different jobs until she found her perfect career fit, a real estate agent. Her great in-depth knowledge of the communities in and around Calgary is probably what drew her into the real estate industry.

  Robyn started in real estate in 1998, where she was a 21 year old. Every year of her career she has won numerous prestigious awards within her industry for high production. Most recently, she was honored to receive the 2015 ROAR Award in Mentorship Distinction for her work mentoring new comers to the industry. She has also been featured on HGTV’s show ‘Buy Me’ and numerous times in the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun and Profiles of Success. In addition to her busy real estate practice, she also sits on the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

KIDS:  Boy age 11, Girl age 8

Award-Winning author, Huffington Post contributor, and speaker Liberty Forrest, has written several inspirational books covering a range of self-development, healing and empowering topics. Her compelling book, The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing, has been changing lives and helping people find hope and healing in several countries around the world.

In childhood, Liberty discovered her abilities as a psychic and medium, which continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally. Eventually, she took to the stage where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit.

For five years, she appeared approximately monthly on Sue Marchant’s evening show on BBC Radio doing psychic phone-ins for listeners. Now, with a background in social work and hypnosis, Liberty uses those abilities along with other tools such as numerology to assist people in getting unstuck and moving forward.

She also works with people who want to develop their own psychic or mediumship abilities, and as a practicing Witch, she offers a variety of life-enhancing spell-casting services.
Liberty loves doing stand-up comedy and enjoys incorporating humour into her work wherever possible, believing that when we can finally get to the point of laughing at our foibles, we have truly found healing.

KIDS:  5 Adult Children and 5 Grandchildren

Our story begins at the British School of Osteopathy in London. It’s where Lucy and Ed met and studied for four years, both of us coming to osteopathy after previous degrees: Lucy had received a degree in cultural studies from McGill university and Ed had a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Exeter University. From there, after a bit of searching, Lucy took a leap into teaching yoga, which led her to osteopathy. Ed used his degree to work with sports teams and then, through personal experience getting help with a knee injury, he too discovered osteopathy.
We realised we needed to show our clients WHY their bodies had gotten into trouble so that they could understand the root cause of their illness or injury. We love showing people how interconnected the body is. We love it when people say “Ah-ha, now I get it”. It is very gratifying when people understand – and feel – how a tight hip has caused a shoulder injury or how relaxed their jaw feels after we’ve worked on their shoulders. That kind of “ah-ha moment” is empowering for patients because understanding why something has happened means they can do something about it.
We truly hope that we can help you reconnect with your health, help you to move freely and to understand the interconnected nature of your body through treatment that addresses not only the places that hurt but the places that have contributed to the problem.

KIDS:  Girl Age 6, Boy Age 4

Studio Me is a divine idea that came to me from the desire to create a space where people could come and fall in love with themselves. I have always been a gym rat and found the value in going to a gym for my physical and emotional wellbeing; however, I always had to look for other resources for the rest of my health needs.

I have been a drama teacher for the last eighteen years; I have been on the stage and behind the scenes and have a large appreciation for the arts and how therapeutic it is for the mind, body and soul.

Studio Me is a center that offers classes for the whole person. We use arts, wellness and education as our foundation to direct studies and programs offered here. We center classes on all areas of wellbeing: Emotional, intellectual, mental, physical, creative, social, occupational, environmental, financial, and spiritual. 50% of our model focuses on our classes and programs: patrons can drop into:

Drumming, Mediation, Art, Dance, Myofascial stretch classes all sponsored by the studio. There is art and crafts to purchase and there is often a vendor on sight showcasing their wares.

50% of our model is focused on supporting practitioners, teachers, facilitators, and leaders in offering great classes in health/wellness or the arts. This may include Shamanic healing, body talk, reiki, Nia Dance, photography, Personal Development classes and so much more.

One stop shopping for all your health and wellness needs. We want all our patrons to leave feeling positive and prosperous. We look forward to meeting new people and really connecting the community with each other.

KIDS:  Girl Age 27, 2 Boys Ages 11 & 9, 2 year old Granddaughter

Joy Daniel is a Philanthropist, Real Estate Investor and Global Entrepreneur.  Joy has a background in engineering and teaching.  In 2010 Joy had her first baby and knew she needed a business that would give her the flexibility of time to raise her kids.  She set a goal and started to talking to people.  In 2012, just after her second son was born, her dad was diagnosed with cancer.  She interviewed many health care professionals in both the traditional and holistic field.  She was eventually introduced to the Biophotonic Scanner, the only device that can measure cellular health in terms of antioxidant status.  This technology led her into the field of genetics and anti-aging and prevention of chronic illnesses.  Four years after starting her business, Joy has built a team of entrepreneurs in 14 different countries using technology and system building.  The majority of her time is spent in coaching, education and helping families with health and wealth creation.  Best of all, she gets to make her kids breakfast and drop them off at school!

KIDS:  2 Boys Ages 6 & 4 and a Girl Age 2

Danny Lyon grew up in a small town of about 250 people, Lyon’s learning grounds for commerce and networking.  After 20+ years in telecommunications, Lyon operated a very successful business and has been helping people get into business for themselves for the last 18 years.  He does that now through the Instant Imprints Franchise which has revolutionized the promotional advertising industry.

In Lyon’s experience, people leverage, is the fastest road to success. His book, The Colour of My Underwear is Blue, is about the support, answers, and experience, already existing in anyone’s network, how to recognize it and utilize it for maximum success.

KIDS:  Girl Age 20, 2 Boys Ages 23 & 24