Regarding Privacy, we are bound by federal and provincial legislations and regulations governing our

industry. Even more so we value your privacy. We take the protection of your information seriously.

We have created our Privacy Policy as an internal control system to maintain the accuracy,

confidentiality, and security of your information.

This includes but is not limited to:

What information we collect,

Where we store information,

When we collect information,

Why we collect the information,


How we protect information.

We collect personal, business and/or financial information. This may include: Names, addresses,

phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates, Social Insurance Numbers, Driver’s License Numbers,

banking information, insurance information, mortgage information, debt and credit information,

investment information, medical information, and legal information.


We store the information in secured databases and locked filing cabinets. We keep your information

until we receive a written request to destroy or return your information.


We gather information during meetings, discussions, emails, telephone conversations, etc. We do not

disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent.


We collect and store your information to provide you with the absolute highest level of service. In

order for us to do a proper and complete job for you, we need to know your goals and your full

financial status to help you achieve your goals by making sure that everything you have is working

together properly and all your financial and business needs are being met.


We protect your information by limiting access to your file to only the people and companies that

require the information to properly service you. Our database is protected by firewalls, up to date

anti-virus software, and up to date spyware programs.

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