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Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey is a senior leader in the financial industry with over 20 years’ experience in Wealth Management. She is passionate about driving innovation in finance and is an active advocate for financial literacy, gender equality and female economic empowerment. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences as well as published author of Women and Risk, 2018 and A Smart Way To Start, 2019, a series of five rhymed stories on money, ethics and sustainability for kids. Mara holds a doctorate with highest honours in Political Economy from Fribourg University, CH.
KIDS: Girl age 14 & Boy age 22

We are born to Win – but conditioned to FAIL! I fought against millions of sperms and won the battle. I was the winner. By the age of 7, we are almost conditioned by many individuals – parents, siblings, teachers, family and everyone tries their best to condition us according to their beliefs.

During this time, our entire body goes through physical, mental and emotional changes which design us as we are now. To transform into a peak performer, you need a plan to enhance your physical, mental and emotional abilities.

My niche is to develop and enhance individuals’ & Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence so they’re self-aware of their own emotions. Learning and application of principles of Emotional Intelligence can enhance your self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

KIDS: 3 Girls- 19 and 16 year old twins

Meilin Ehlke is the go-to shamanic channeler for writers, spiritual creatives, and enlightened entrepreneurs to experience magical moments to reveal the beauty in all things.

As a world-renowned artist and healer, Meilin reaches a worldwide audience on her online radio show, Sacred Sound Surprises and Podcast, Moving to Oneness. She has confidently led hundreds of thousands to reconnect to their wisdom, allowing her audience to embody themselves fully, wake up to what is possible, and listen to their inner guidance.

Meilin resides in a small village outside of Nürnberg, Germany. Having lived in the United States for two decades, she has been called back to her native land to activate sacred sites in the heart of Europe (and beyond).

Over the past 13 years, Meilin has been known as an Energy Art medium, a gateway guide for you to grow with intention, embody your knowledge, bloom into your beauty, and flourish into your true-self.

Being in the sacred rhythm of life, she feels it’s vitally important to fully express your message from the inside out and stand in your grandness.

Meilin will lead you on a manifesting journey before materializing your vision. Her process will spiral you through singing, dancing, channeling – and more – so you can stand in your full power, potential, and intention – gracefully dissolving the borders of your beliefs and sharp corners of the roles you play every day.
KIDS: Boy age 13

Dr. Paul Artale is an award- winning motivational speaker, author, researcher, and leadership trainer.  Paul’s speeches are high energy, high impact, and highly entertaining. Paul’s stories challenge and inspire others to break through challenges and to exceed their potential.  Born with what some would see as a physical disability, Paul’s talks are rooted in his experience both as a collegiate athlete and scholar. Paul’s clients include Ford, Google, Business Insurance, Michigan State University, HR Tampa and Michigan Works.  He is also the author of the book “The 2-year-olds guide to work life balance ” 

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KIDS: Girl age 4 & Boy age 7

NaRon Tillman is the Director of Urban Yogis, Director of Inner Knowledge, and Pastor of One Ministries. He brings a unique training and leadership style that was birth through his growing up in Far Rockaway, NY 40ees housing projects, 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, and 20 years of ministry and music knowledge. His leadership style allows him to train other leaders in best mindfulness practices, to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and spiritual maturity.

NaRon has collaborated with organizations such NY Knicks, KC Chiefs, Chicago Bulls Foundation, NFL Play 360, Hilton Foundation, & the Pinkerton Foundation. He has worked alongside politicians and celebrities such as Congressman Gregory Meeks, Mike D from the Beastie Boys, Eddie Stern, Cheryl Wills, Faith Evan, Jadakis, and so many more. NaRon Tillman has made several television appearances Breaking Amish, The Joey Reynolds Show, VH1 Hip Hop Honors, and TBN. He was featured in a documentary called Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart and will be featured in a Docuseries about Teen Stress and Anxiety where he breaks down his experiences teaching inner city kids yoga and mindfulness.

NaRon can be heard weekly on his Walk In Victory and or Walk In Victory – Sunday Service podcast, which, both stream on ITunes, IHeart Radio, Google Play and anywhere you can listen to podcast. If you’re in NY you can visit him for live service every Sunday morning 79 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11221, 11am – 12pm.

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KIDS: Girl age 13 & Boys age 6 & 16


David Bruno was Head of Innovation at UBS Wealth Management globally responsible for releasing multiple products in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland and putting UBS on the map as an industry thought leader. He then helped the Swiss stock exchange build its digital unit including the F10 FinTech Accelerator. “SuperDave” is now a Venture Builder working with startup founders building new businesses to create the future of finance, including NVISO, providing software that deepens client relationships as the next-generation CRM for financial advisors.

KIDS: Girl age 2 & Boy age 12

Christy is a seasoned facilitator and speaker. She jokingly refers to herself as the un-motivational speaker as the work she does is with the ucky-mucky side of goal setting – the “why not”. Christy uses a process that takes on adaptive change by focusing on the problem longer than the solution. She learned the process from Professors Kegan and Lahey in Cambridge from the company Minds at Work. The Immunity to Change Process was developed through 25+ years of study of adult development at Harvard and has been published in several books, named as Oprah’s top 10 things to do, and is practiced in individual coaching sessions and Corporations worldwide.

You will enjoy Christy’s candor, relatability and ability to get you moving towards long term improvement.

KIDS: Girl age 17 months

Sarah Phillips is the creator of the 4 Pocket Allowance, and all around Money Mom. As the mom of 3 boys in an amazing blended family, she wanted an allowance system that was convenient and built habits around Saving, Spending, Giving and Investing, so she created the 4 Pocket Allowance. She is a certified financial educator and is truly passionate about the importance of kids learning about money.  It’s now her mission to bring together parents to raise a money savvy generation. 

KIDS: 3 Boys ages  11, 15 & 17

IMAN GATTI, author of Cracked Open – Never Broken, is an empowerment coach, transformational speaker, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist™. Through her work, she helps people overcome self-limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and step fully into their limitless potential.

KIDS: Girl age 22 months

Deanne Barrett M.A. is an educator, speaker and coach who is dedicated to helping moms lead their family and community with their authentic leadership presence. Deanne helps moms all over the globe to step into their big vision and make heart-centered decisions with confidence and clarity. Deanne lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and two children who keep her laughing (nearly) every day!

KIDS: Boy age 8 & Girl age 6

Robin Devine, RMT, CLT, LDT, is a 2200 hour Massage Therapist who specializes in Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphedema Therapy, Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage, Brain Therapy, Brain Reflex Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Robin graduated from Foothills College of Massage Therapy in 2002 with 2200 hours of training. Once completed, she was hired by Foothills College to become an instructor and student supervisor, where she taught a combination of science and hands on classes for 6 years. Throughout her career, she has worked in a massage therapy clinic, chiropractic clinic, as a mobile therapist in Calgary, as well as working from home for many years. She has also been an assistant instructor for the Upledger Institute/Chikly Institute for the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy courses since 2008, traveling all over North America and, recently, to Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. She has taught with MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary for 3 years for both their full, first and second year curriculums, as well as with Mount Royal University teaching in their 2200 hour diploma program both in their classrooms and in their practicum clinic. Robin currently teaches Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with the Chikly Health Institute, across Canada, in the United States, and around the world.

Her passion and determination has led to the fruition and establishment of the Lymph Balance Centre. Bringing together Lymphatic Therapists in one location, many modalities of individual therapists, creates a centre of healing.

KIDS: Girl age 10 & Twins (girl & boy) age 7