Guests on Financial Fun

Anahita has an entrepreneurial spirit, having worked for her family’s business as well as her own business for most of her life. After the birth of her son in 2005, Anahita decided it was time to leave her 9-5 career and pursue a new venture, one that permitted a flexible lifestyle that would allow her to spend more time with her family. Being a multi-passionate, lifelong learner, Anahita studied a range of disciplines including, business, e-commerce, marketing, environmental welfare, children’s health and cooking. Her love of learning and research along with her dedication to providing her family with the healthiest options, led her to create gogoBags in 2010.

  Anahita has a passion for people and creating things to make their lives better. This passion has led her to develop a product that is an environmental alternative for lunchtime packaging and storing vegetables– one that is economical and convenient – making her customers’ lives easier. gogoBags products not only make lives easier and eco footprints smaller, but they are also durable, fun, and easy to use, something that’s important to Anahita.

Her mission: “To prove eco-friendly storage products to families to save them time, money, and energy”

KIDS:  Boy age 12 and Girl  age 10

Tessa Martin is a Registered Psychologist and the owner of Serenity Now Wellness Centre. She has successfully run her business for nine years and has thrived even through the birth of her two children. She specialize in combining mind and body in counseling and works with concerns from stress to depression, anxiety, and addictions. Tessa is also the 2011 winner of eWomen’s International Emerging Leader Award.

KIDS:  Boy age 4 and Girl  age 2.5

Doris has been digging into women’s financial literacy ever since ending up nearly $400,000 in debt after her first husband’s death, when she was only thirty-two. Persistence, determination and a singular focus on results led her to climb out of debt in two years and develop a substantial real estate portfolio over the following ten years.

Doris has since been president of a local real estate investors’ organization, developed a successful Rent to Own company, and published her first book Protect Your Purse. She is now using her hard-won financial literacy to help other women rock their finances.

Not one to be satisfied with superficial answers to questions, Doris constantly scours the literature to uncover why women, on the whole, are more financially vulnerable than men, what can be done about it, and what really works.

She shares her findings, and her passion, via her blog, which is read by thousands of people around the world.

Doris is determined to use her financial experience, her knack for synthesizing complex ideas into easily-understandable chunks, and her desire for results to help women create better options for themselves and their families. She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband, two daughters and their hamster.

KIDS:  2 Girls ages 10 & 13

With over 15 years of experience in quality systems, project management, and client service I have the knowledge and personal experience to identify problems and implement simple, practical solutions. I have seen first-hand how being disorganized costs a business money. You work hard for every dollar you earn and being disorganized is stealing from yourself.  I look forward to working with you to make your business the profitable and personally fulfilling dream you envisioned when you started.

Bottom Line Organizing is here to help you look after all the little details to make your business and your life run more smoothly and profitably.  We know how to simplify and systematize your business so that you can focus on doing what you do best.  Everything from setting up your office in a way that makes sense, to streamlining your marketing so that is regular and consistent, to setting up your finances to collect all that is owing to you, reducing your costs, and making taxes so much less painful, to getting technology to fully work for you to save you time, money, and grief.

KIDS:  Girl age 7 & 2 Boys ages 11 & 13

I was a single mom for 7 years when I began my journey with The Pampered Chef. It was a way to make ends meet and pay off the bills while also getting out of the house for some much-needed adult interaction. It has grown into some great relationships with fellow consultants and some of the great hosts I have done shows with. Now, life has changed and as time has gone by, my son is now 12 and I am engaged to a wonderful man. I now continue growing my business to put into savings for trips, nights out and the wedding; not to mention growing the great products collections in my kitchen!

KIDS:  Boy Age 12

The Response Team brings over 100 years of combined experience with its team of Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Safety Management and Response professionals. The company was developed to serve individuals, families, small and medium sized businesses because so few companies out there want to deal with “The little guy”.  We provide our customers with timely, professional and responsible direction and manpower if required before, during, and after an incident occurs.

Paulette, our Director, Director, brings 20 years of experience in the architectural field to design fire and evacuation plans for your building.

The Response Team is very involved in the community and believe in giving back.

KIDS:  Girl Age 18 and Boy Age 19

My interest is to find ways of making your business work, bringing it into balance with the rest of your life. So, once I get you clear about what you really want, my job is to help you get there. I’ll help you design your vision, plan your journey, make it real. I’ll hold you accountable for your own successes and cheer your learning from your setbacks.

I love asking “why?” and “what?”, as in “what’s the outcome you want from this?”, or “what do you want to do with [fill in the blank] when you get it?” I’m really persistent in discovering what my clients really want, and why. I want them to become equally persistent with their clients, because I love working with people who have the mindset to create for their clients’ true needs, rather than their wants.

Advisor, Mentor, Coach: that grey hair (what there is of it) represents forty-plus years experience in business operations, financial management and operations thinking. Senior roles in management, engineering, recruiting and consulting are part of that experience.

Be prepared for me to ask questions that have you think deeply about what you’re really looking for and how to get there. As you discover your vision and your purpose, you’ll discover and start exercising muscles that you never knew existed!

KIDS:  1 adult daughter & 2 teenage grandchildren ages 15 & 17

Daryl Makk has been re-educating the sheeple of the world…one joke at a time since 1993! An extended tour in Australia in 2005 had him in sold out shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Described by CBC radio as “A friendly good ‘ol boy, with knowledge and he’s not afraid to use it” he is a hit wherever he goes.

Creator and host of the web series The Planet Tour where he shares his travel adventures.

Daryl is also the producer of  the KGB (Kootenay Gut Buster) concert in Nelson BC every summer.

Daryl is a headliner right across the country where he is a hit with audiences in clubs as well as many corporate events.

KIDS:  2 Adult children ages 23 & 26


As a little girl, I was always starting businesses, ice-tea stands; shoveling snow; raking leaves… I cannot remember a time when I did not have the entrepreneurial drive. In my twenties, I started a candle kiosk in Market Mall, which I named Shadows. It was an incredible experience, and I mainly learned by trial and error. I worked all the time, I learned the value of being able to delegate. During these seven years, I hired three bookkeepers, although they all were independent I found the experience very frustrating. Communication was poor, the made no suggestions, they asked no questions and one time my paperwork came back smelling of cigarettes! Due to this experience, I learned to do my own bookkeeping. When my rent in the mall increased yet again, and the mall underwent another major reconstruction, I decided that it was time for my next adventure.

 I attended SAIT, H & R Tax School, hired mentors and threw myself into my new passion… Bookkeeping. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the numbers and the information that it provided me as a business owner. I was also passionate that I could offer other entrepreneurs a different experience in a way of true support. As a life-long learner I have continued to take many courses in business, book-keeping and personal self-development to further my skills and knowledge.

KIDS:  Girl age 19,  Boy age 23

HotSpot Social Media focuses on the marketing needs of the very small business – kitchen table entrepreneurs, direct sales, network marketers, and the like.  We provide painless and profitable social media solutions that are manageable and effective for people who are already wearing 37 hats in their business.  Currently we are offering a free, private, 2-hour, no pitch, no obligation social media consultation where the business owner walks away with an effective social media strategy they can implement themselves.  
This can be booked here:

KIDS:  Girl age 22,  Boy age 23