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Living Soil Solutions is based on more natural traditional methods of building the fertility in your soil.  By using more modern techniques like Compost Teas and microscopy, we can get you better long term results.  LSS provides a wide variety of natural products and services to help you get the best from your back yard or your back forty.  Through education and high customer service LSS aims to make sure you will have the knowledge to know that Soil does not like to be treated like Dirt.

KIDS:  Girl Age 4

After going from fat to fit, Scott has inspired thousands to do the same. Since the year 2000 Scott has been writing an online fitness newsletter to an international audience and runs a highly successful Fitness Centre. Scott has learned what it really takes to be healthy and fit. His lectures and seminars are full of energy, fun and in high demand across North America.

Scott McDermott went from fat to fit and then turned his entire life upside down leaving a 13 year career in architecture to build a 15,000 square foot fitness centre in a small town in 2002. He has won Rotarian of the year (04), business of the year (04) and citizen of the year (‘05 and ‘15). Scott has since completed 6 Ironmans and been on Team Canada twice for the ITU world Long Course Championships. Most recently falling in love with Ultraman Triathlon (2.5 times longer than Ironman) – he has completed 2 races and is currently learning a ton after a near fatal crash during his 3rd race at the World Championships in 2015.

He has written a book: ‘If Your Body Were A Car, You Wouldn’t Treat It This Way’, and in addition to running a very successful gym, is a coach and trainer both in his gym and online- helping others reclaim their fitness and health. His book and related talks offer massive amounts of tips for the average person, as well as experienced trainer. With fun analogies to create memorable connections to why we need to be fit and healthy and how to do it completely, from food, to exercise, to motivation.

KIDS:  Boy Age 4

The Response Team brings over 100 years of combined experience with its team of Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Safety Management and Response professionals. The company was developed to serve individuals, families, small and medium sized businesses because so few companies out there want to deal with “The little guy”.  We provide our customers with timely, professional and responsible direction and manpower if required before, during, and after an incident occurs.

Michael Curtis, our President, brings over 25 years of small family business, EMS, Food Processing, Oil and Gas, Remote wilderness emergency management experience to you.

Michael’s experience and training includes Type 3 Incident Management Team Role specific training as Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief and Planning Section Chief. This complements his experience as a Certified Business Continuity Manager, Emergency Operations Centre Specialist in Ops, Planning and Finance/Administration. In addition, Michael also has training and expertise in the following areas:

  • Instructor qualified to ICS 400 Level. Instructor Trainer at the 200 level.
  • Emergency Program Coordinator
  • Hazard Risk Vulnerability Analysis
  • Emergency Program Coordination and the Planning Process
  • Emergency Communications
  • Volunteer Organization Management

When not striving to ensure that his community is a safer place to live, he enjoys hockey; volunteering with various organizations both locally, and internationally; his amateur radio; and cheering for his beloved Calgary Flames & Stampeders.

Michael is an affiliated member of 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron. Go Rams!

KIDS:  Girl Age 17 and Boy Age 18

Vince Fowler is a proud military veteran with operational experience in war torn Somalia, a championship rugby athlete and coach, and a 17-year background in sales, marketing and business.

It is the combination of military discipline, coaching success and business insight that makes Vince Fowler a triple-threat. It also makes him the guy you want in your corner when looking to maximize your business potential and return on investment.

Vince Fowler envisions a world where small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs live life on their terms. Which is to say that they have an abundance of time, money and relationships – and the health to enjoy it all.

He is the co-founder of Vested Interest Group – a Calgary based business coaching practice – where he works one-on-one with his clients; coaching, workshops and seminars.

Inspired by TED Talks almost five years ago, Vince Fowler founded The Measurable Difference – a bi-monthly, half day seminar series designed specifically to serve small business and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Both coaching and speaking allow Vince live his mission – the exploration of wisdom past and present to benefit you in the future.

KIDS:  Girl Age 8 and Boy Age 6

An experienced business coach and CEO with a unique background in education, small business and counseling psychology, Kerry helps high potential and high performing executives create breakthrough results in their businesses and careers.

For the past 15 years as a business coach in a consulting firm, she moved up from individual consultant to the CEO, leading the company as the founder stepped out of the business.  She supported key executives of an anchor client increase their revenue 25%, over 20 million.

Kerry is most committed to executives’ and business owners’ success AND fulfillment in their work environment. She has assisted multiple businesses sustain double digit sales growth and create a platform for growth to the next lane of business. This includes creating relationships and teams committed and aligned to mutual and business success.

KIDS:  Single Mom of 2 Girls Ages 21 & 24

Nedalee Thomas, CEO of, is the exclusive US importer for Chanson Water USA and seven foreign markets. Nedalee Thomas, founder of, is an author, educator, and researcher, with a passion for fabulously frugal living. Nedalee teaches women how to have better relationships with money, others, and themselves; and believes you can be, do and have anything you desire.

KIDS: 19 Grown Children
GRANDKIDS: 3 Girls & 1 Boy- Ages 15 and under


Like many financial advisors, after university Sheila started her career working with the bank. Not happy with what the large corporate institutions had to offer clients Sheila started her own company, Parley Consulting.  Her goal was to have time to educate and guide clients in a non-biased way helping them make the right decisions about their finances without product pressure.  Sheila’s experience is supported by her continuing educational focus. She is a Certified Financial Planner and Life Agent with 25 years of experience. She has been an Accredited Mortgage Professional for 17 years and is an Insolvency Counsellor as well.

  Her company is Edmonton based and helps families struggling with the burden of crippling debt.  With a network of financial experts, they help people restructure debt and rekindle their childhood dreams. They do this by walking with people through a financially fragile and stressful time in their lives. When an individual is referred to them they start with a one hour, no-cost, consultation. They then outline all the options from “staying the course” to resetting and starting over.   Ultimately going beyond debt, they help people regain financial wellness by providing resources that support continuous personal growth and understanding. It is a transition from feeling completely overwhelmed and out-matched to confidently walking away with a feeling of purpose and financial control.

KIDS: Boys- Ages 24 & 16 and Girls Ages 15 & 14

I started my adventure of working with children and youth way back in the nineties. I graduated with a Bachelor of Child Studies Degree in 1994. I have worked as an Early Childhood Educator, Supervisor of two Child Care Centres, Child Care Counsellor, Community Support Counsellor, Mental Health Therapy Assistant and Case Worker with Child and Family Services. In short I have worked with children, youth, parents and guardians in many different capacities. I was (and still am) very passionate about helping others be the parent they want to be.

In 2010, I became a step mother to 2 wonderful boys. Then in 2011 we welcomed our son into the world. It was at this point that I decided to start my own business to help other parents. I became a paediatric sleep consultant and a parent advisor.

KIDS: 1 Biological Boy- Age 5, 2 Stepsons Ages 21 & 16

I was born in Calgary, Alberta and graduated in Physical Education with a minor in Sciences from the University of Calgary.  I am the middle child of five children.  I have worked with people all my life in different areas of education, coaching, and business.  I started my career working with the school board for years, and then I went back to school and graduated in Computer Information Systems from Keyano College.

I started my first business in Web Design 12 years ago. Eventually I ended up in the Design and sales world for Residential and Commercial Flooring working in my brother’s business.  I became very successful quickly, and now have a financial and invested interest at Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring.

In the past year, I recently started another business with a partner forming a company called Grout Restoration. There was a need in the Renovation Industry that needed to be filled.

KIDS: Adult Girl & Boy

GRANDKIDS: Twin Girls- Age 1, Boy- Age 3

“Excellence is in the details. Give impeccable attention to all you do, and excellence will follow.” ~ Michele McGarvey

Excellence is more than just a word. It is what you’ll come to expect from the professional care I provide. With over 27 years in the financial industry, my extensive knowledge of mortgages, as well as the real estate industry as a whole, have provided me with the tools necessary to listen to my clients, understand their needs and know the right questions to ask to provide the best recommendations.   In working closely with my clients’ team, I ensure their home-buying experience is comfortable and informative by utilizing a personalized policy of continuous availability for all involved—whether one-on-one, or remotely. Making dreams come true through home ownership is a daily reward for me, but it’s a responsibility that I take quite seriously.

Through Dominion Lending Centres, I am given the opportunity to work for my clients not the lender. This is a different approach to getting a mortgage as I have my clients best interest in mind.    I also have multiple lenders to choose from.  Dominion Lending Centres is the largest mortgage brokerage across Canada.  This gives us a competitive advantage as the lenders provide us with the lowest rates.  Working with a mortgage professional like myself is completely free to you.   What a win, you have a personal shopper who takes the stress out of getting a mortgage.

KIDS:  Boy-Age 25